Friday, October 9, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Oh Hobby Lobby you suck me in all the time!  I found this cute little signs at Hobby Lobby and they were just screaming at me to be purchased and decorated!  I picked up all the one near me had.... thinking I might need to make a trip out to look for a few more as these are soooooo cute!!  Anywhoo! Don't forget to stop by tomorrow for a Fall In Love blog hop with my friends at Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons!



Sherrie K. said...

Sooooo cute Sarah?! Is there a Hobby Lobby in St Cloud now? Heard you might be getting one?
Sherrie K

Scrapper69 said...

So glad Hobby Lobby isn't that close to me... cuz I'd be broke ALL the time!! LOL Those are really CUTE!!! May need to make a trip to Vegas!!! What? Just cuz they're not near me.. doesn't mean I don't know where the nearest 3 are! Hahahaha :)

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