Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I wanna be Bakerella!

So it's official...I thought I wanted to be Bakerella...but Iam here to report that will not be happening any time soon.  A friend had picked up the book on cake pops...hmmmm cake and frosting...you mix it...blah blah and cover.  My friend wanted to make the little cupcakes--super adorable might I add...but we didn't have the right shapes for the the little cutters we needed and she was feeling way more creative than I.  So we decided to do the basic cake pop... basic...huh.  We both hold advanced degrees in our field and well cake pops almost were the death of us (only a slight exaggeration here my friends.)

My thoughts for all of you aspiring bakers out there... dream big...maybe one day we'll be creating the mini cup-cake pops or the adorable duckies.  However, in order to keep our friendship and sanity we decided on the simple cake pops!   If anyone out there reading this has any tips and pointers about the candy coating process and how to make it far less painful...please... email me :) 

I don't think I'll be quitting my day job any time soon!


BugBites said...

LOL- we must have the same book. I tried the same thing. I should have gone the simple cake pop route like you.

JJ and EJ said...

I bet they still tasted good!! : ) TA and I thought we'd make lefse one day and ended that process about 2 "things" - can't call them lefse - in! : )

JulieK said...

I've made cake pops a few times and the trick I learned is to ball them up and put the stick in and then FREEZE them. Freezing them makes them firm (and makes the stick stay in) and the coldness make the candy coating harden much faster. Dip them in the coating and "spin" the stick between your fingers and thumb to get rid of excess coating, then stick them (the stick)in styrofoam to finish drying.

Maquel said...

I also found them impossible, Sarah! Totally didn't turn out the way I expected!! I made red velvet ones...just plain cake pops....I figured they would be sooooooo easy! Ya right! And they took forever! They seemed so easy that I'm glad I wasn't the only one that had issues with them! I kind of felt stupid! :)